maandag 3 mei 2010

Zvartava/Amsterdam Headlines

Headlines Zvartava/Amsterdam.
In June 2009 the Amsterdam based artist Karin Bos participated in an artists' porcelain painting workshop in Latvia. Each day she took the photograph on the front page of the local newspapers as the daily starting-point to create a new work of art during her stay in the little town Zvartava in Latvia. This resulted in eight glazed porcelain plates, the Zvartava plates, each sized 18 cm.
Afterwards, back home in the city of Amsterdam, the front page pictures of the Dutch newspapers from the same period functioned as the source for the eight oil paintings, the Amsterdam paintings, each sized 20 x 20 cm.
This project was part of her 'A trip to the Countryside' series.

Zvartava: Day 1: Blondes parade in Riga.
Day 2: Independence Day parade.
Day 3: Neglected graves at the Latvian countryside.
Day 4: Cleaning burnt house.
Day 5: School receives a bus as a present from Switzerland.
Day 6: Participation of the Latvian ladies basketball team in the European Championships.
Day 7: Emptying ballot-box with votes for European Parliament elections.
Day 8: Cut backs.
Amsterdam: Day 1: European Parliament.
Day 2: Bankruptcy General Motors.
Day 3: Debate Dutch front men political parties for European elections.
Day 4: Speech Obama at University of Cairo.
Day 5: Sumo wrestlers in Amsterdam.
Day 6: Counting votes in Manchester.
Day 7: Roger Federer wins Roland Garros.
Day 8: Tail piece found crashed Air-France plane.
Click on this image to see the presentation at 10+10 in Amsterdam, 2010.