woensdag 11 mei 2011

Opening SHE ME at Stedelijk Museum Zwolle

Some snapshots I made during the opening of the SHE ME exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum Zwolle on May 8 2011.
Five of my works in a row. Next to Dindi van der Hoek and in front on the floor there's work by the Belgian artist Carmen de Vos.

At the entrance of the exhibition there's my Feel Good # 1.

Feel Good # 2

Feel Good #6

Feel Good #3

Feel Good #7

Here's my "Do not touch" next to my "Heksenkring".

The pluche animals in front of my Feel Good painting are made by Lidy Jacobs.

The work on the left of mine is made by Karin Arink and on the right are photographs by Diana Blok.

The figures next to my Feel Good painting are made by Silvia B.