zondag 17 maart 2013

Artists' books

One of my sidekicks are artists' books. Here are some examples:
Artists' books by Karin Bos
This untitled book (signed Karin Bos)  I made in 1990.

It is on view at Grafisch Atelier Den Bosch, where I participate in the Artists' Books exhibition 2013.

The variable composition of the pages is related to the series of oil paintings I worked on in 1990 and 1991.
Karin Bos, oil on canvas, 105 x 105 cm, 1990

Karin Bos, oil on canvas, 105 x 105 cm, 1990
Above are two examples of the oil paintings series the book was inspired by. The paintings were part of my first solo show in a Amsterdam Gallery: Gallery A'pert which was located at the Prinsengracht in 1991.

This little artists book dates from 1991, "Karin Bos pathologist dissects death for you" consists of transparant pages showing skeletons. It's based on a sketchbook full of little pencil drawings of skeletons I made during that period.
Karin Bos, Michelin, screenprint, 2002. This little book I made at the Frans Masereel Center in Belgium. It is screenprinted randomly on a roadmap. This book is also on view at the Grafisch Atelier Den Bosch show.

Artists' books by Karin Bos, presented at the Book Fair for Small Publishers at Paradiso in Amsterdam in 2009.
In 2009 I published the catalogue Karin Bos, A trip to the Countryside. 
ISBN/EAN 978-90-9023798-5
Karin Bos, Roadmap, edition of 5, made at Frans Masereel Center in Belgium, handcoloured screenprint on paper, 2002 

Expedition Nature is the title of this multiple/print which dates from 2018. It is an edition of 50 commissioned by CODA Museum Apeldoorn. I screenprinted it personally at AGA Lab Amsterdam. All 50 are unique due to the handcolouring; it's gouache, ink, screenprint on paper, sized 30 x 40 cm.

My prints, multiples and books are often related to my paintings, work on paper and installations. Two of my artist books are part of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam collection.
Even when I was a little child I loved to make books and thanks to my mother I still have some of these examples in my artists' studio. During my years at the Amsterdam Academy of Fine Arts I used second hand books as underlayers to create artists' books. Next to these I also have lots of sketch books in which a make notes and draw, they are my archives of ideas and a source of inspiration. 

Karin Bos, book with watercolors, edition of 1, 2013

Karin Bos, handcoloured screenprint celebrating the publishing of the catalogue 'Karin Bos, A Trip to the Countryside' because of my 20th anniversary as an artist in 2009.
Back and front of the catalogue.
Presentation catalogue and solo show at Meneer de Wit in Amsterdam in 2009.
Upcoming: new catalogue Karin Bos, in cooperation with Museo CAB.
Release date Feb 2020. 
Ojos extra├▒os - Expedici├│n Naturaleza (Strange eyes - Expedition Nature) is the title of a solo show by Karin Bos in Museum CAB in Burgos in Spain. This extensive overview of her works inspired by her travels through Spain will be on view from 7 February until 24 May 2020. The presentation consists of paintings, work on paper, installations, video and photography on the entire upper floor of the museum. There will be a accompanying catalogue published. 
Karin Bos, several postcards A6 sized. This one is the oil painting Lost 2, 70 x 100, 2014. 
Affiche Expedition Nature show at CODA museum.