zondag 20 januari 2013

Exhibition Karin Bos in Brussels

Currently an installation of small drawings by Karin Bos is on view at Gallery La Vitrine au Soleil , 96 Rue de marché au charbon (Kolenmarkt 96), 1000 Brussels. The exhibition is on view from January 5 until February 2 2013 in the center of Brussels. The gallery is open by appointment: 00 32 (0)4 73 47 29 31 or galerielavitrine@gmail.com.
Also, at Gallery La Vitrine aux Oiseaux there's a collage on view and the catalogue 'Karin Bos - A Trip to the Countryside' for sale. This second venue is located in the south of Brussels, in Saint-Gilles, Rue du Fort 7, 1060 Brussels. Opening hours are Thursday, Friday from 3 -7 pm, Saturday from 11 am till 6 pm and Sunday from 11am  to 2 pm.
Both galleries are run by artist Isabelle Azais who met Karin Bos in 2000 during their participation at Triangle Artists Workshop at the World Trade Center in New York. They both worked or 3 weeks on the 91st floor of the North Tower and kept in touch ever since.
Installation view Karin Bos at La Vitrine in Brussels

The embroidery rings by Karin Bos hang in front of the drawings

Mixed media on paper by Karin Bos and some small oil paintings

installation view Karin Bos
This collage by Karin Bos is on view at La Vitrine aux Oiseaux in Rue du Fort 7, Brussels, private collection The Netherlands
This gouache by Karin Bos titled "Objects of desire, Marilyn shell dress" is on view at La Vitrine au Soleil, Kolenmarkt 96, Brussels.